Powerful Email, Business Writing Training Remains Critical in Texting Digital Age :), Says Whelan

Washington, DC, November 2018 — The primary written communications of an entire millennial generation that’s now in the workforce consists of on-the-fly text messages –”OMG dude, my boss is giving the most boring z-z-z presentation. R U going 2 night? :)”

Growing legions of smart phone users are adopting the same texting and email writing habits. User-generated websites, blogs, and other social media reflect the same weak writing skills. And, newspapers, which have cut editors, are filled with basic writing errors.  All seem to ask who—in an increasingly digital world—really needs powerful business writing skills, observes Michael Whelan, president of Whelan Group Seminars, an internationally respected business writing and communications training firm.

“Business emails, decision memos, proposals, letters, reports, strategic plans, board reports, annual reports, white papers, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, and publications,” Whelan emphasizes, “still demand professional, powerful written communications skills to achieve RESULTS.”

Because managers find that newer staff, in particular, write the way they think, Whelan reports getting more queries about his most popular on-site workplace seminars, “10 Secrets to Powerful Business Writing” and “10 Secrets to Business Email that Gets Results.” Despite the economic downturn, Whelan reports that last year was his most successful year in 25 years of training managers and staff in 20 countries around the world.

The firm’s clients over the years have been a virtual “Who’s Who” in the worlds of business, finance, law, healthcare, nonprofit, and government.

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