What makes our learning strategy fresh, fascinating and unique?

Every Whelan Group business writing and communications training course is based on six key learning principles that work both individually and synergistically. They are:

1. Tight Focus: Our seminars concentrate on a select set of high-impact communications strategies in each course. Participants can easily remember what they have learned and apply them immediately in the real world.

2. Discovery: We teach by discovery, drawing learners to uncover—on their own—each new principle of effective communication and its impact, so that the learning lasts.

3. Fun: Learning good business skills doesn’t have to be dull. We engage participants by building in humor and lively activities that change frequently within each segment—moving from puzzle to discovery to practice.

4. Real-World Connection: We base our strategies and principles of effective business communications on the real world, drawing on wide experience with major corporations and top management.

5. Follow-Up Tutorials: We offer optional one-on-one consultations to assess participants’ business writing skills and show them precisely how to apply the new learning to their own work.

6. Takeaway Card: Once your training is complete, we send everyone off with a nifty laminated reminder card unique to each writing and communications skills course. It concisely distills key learning points for ready use back on the job.

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