Editing High-Profile Documents

For Specialized Audiences

For your special high-profile documents, an investment in a professional edit by one of our seasoned business writers will pay for itself—in clarity, conciseness and ease of reading that will set you message above the run of papers coming at senior management readers.

For leading Washington, DC, organizations, we have edited:

  • Strategic Plans
  • Board Reports
  • Major Investment Proposals
  • Business Plans
  • Annual Reports

For Public Audiences

For publications that target outside audiences, we know how to add the journalistic zest that publications like Business Week and the Wall Street Journal use to hook and hold the attention of busy business readers. We can add this touch to your:

  • Electronic and Print Newsletters
  • Client Magazines
  • Corporate or Institutional Anniversary Publications and Retrospectives

News Releases

In addition, the Whelan Group offers strategic planning and writing capabilities for such things as news releases that garner attention

Fee Structure

Fee is determined by the scale of the project and the speed of turnaround that you require.