Why bother in an increasingly digital world?

The primary written communication of an entire generation now consists of on-the-fly text messages –“R U going 2 night? J :)” “OMG dude, my boss is giving the most boring zzz presentation.”

Growing legions of smart phone users are adopting the same writing habits in text messaging and e-mails. Newspapers, which have cut back on editors, are filled with jargon and errors— in spelling, grammar, and wrong word usage. User-generated websites, blogs, and other social media reflect the same weak writing skills.

They seem to ask who—in an increasingly digital world—really needs powerful business writing skills.

Our answer: Everyone who still has to write and communicate for work. As long as there are board reports, annual reports, decision memos, letters, business e-mails, proposals, strategic plans, white papers, reports, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, electronic and print communications, your managers will be evaluating your work. To get RESULTS, this kind of writing still demands powerful communications skills.

Why choose the Whelan Group?

The Whelan Group is an internationally recognized and respected business writing and communications training firm that has more than 25 years of experience training leaders, executives, managers, and staff in the United States and 20 other countries across the globe.

The firm’s clients are a virtual “Who’s Who” in the worlds of business, finance, law, healthcare, nonprofit, and government.

In our increasingly competitive global world, the Whelan Group has shown leading institutions how to sharpen their business communications skills and gain a competitive edge. We can do that for you, too.

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